Reiki, Shaman and Energy Healing 

Bears of Light Service Project

Our Level one reiki practitioners and students participate in a  service project where plush bears are infused with love and light and donated to children's hospitals, shelters and agencies to spread love and healing energy to youngsters in need. See more on our Courses page.

Reiki Shares

We invite you, your family, and loved ones to join us for our next Reiki share. We begin with  a group meditation, then all participants will give and receive Reiki  in a community share event.

Reiki Training & Master Program

Become a Reiki  Practitioner and/or Master in our 4 step Reiki Master program. Learn to focus and share your healing energy with others and explore complimentary healing modalities - including healing with crystals, vibrations and more.

Shamanism and Nature Healing

Heartwood offers a variety of workshops and retreats to introduce the beautiful healing property of tuning in to nature's guiding spirits through Shamanic journeys or meditations. Heartwood's medicine wheel celebrates and teaches the core philosophy and purpose of a shamanic path.

Heartwood Retreat Center - our home facility

The enriching environment of Heartwood, a yoga retreat center, sets the stage for a deeper reiki experience. Learn more about our facility by clicking the button to the right .

"Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable."

-Paramahansa Yogananda