Heartwood Retreat Center is a 7 acre holistic yoga retreat facility that offers enriching programs for personal growth, including yoga, Reiki, writing, and artistic expression. All of Heartwood is situated on a crystal grid with a Tibetan quartz crystal in a place of honor in our central gazebo and large crystal spikes in the perimeters of the property.  This grid re-energizes the positive energy of our grounds time and again through practice and the positive intentions of our visitors. A free standing yoga center provides a large studio, holistic studies library, and kitchen for our trainings. Heartwood has a full size Labyrinth for meditative walks and personal reflection. Our 1/4 acre chakra meditation garden is filled with crystals, scents, color, and art to awaken the subtle body and inspire the soul (look for a feature article and pictures in Country Gardens magazine released August 8, 2016 because we are a garden contest winner for the magazine!) A Zen fire pit celebrates the five elements with earth, air, fire, water, and ether, creating unique ambiance and a comfortable space for interacting with others for enlightened conversation . The grounds of Heartwood offer plenty of spaces for meditation and convening with nature, and like all of life, we are a work in progress, always evolving, growing, and developing more character, history, and connections as our community and our space proceeds along our authentic path.

Heartwood Retreat Center

Study in a spiritual place where positive energy thrives and leaves you feeling energized and revitalized.

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