Bears of Light is a service project that all students of Reiki level one participate in as a part of their training and to enhancing their energetic connection to others.  Each student practices their reiki techniques and theory in the seminar by infusing a new, loving plush bear with love and light. These bears are then donated to children's hospitals, shelters or agencies that serve children in need of healing.

Each "Bear of Light" has been sponsored for a 500 donation and a matching donation from Heartwood Retreat Center in a "pay it forward" system of giving to the world.

Level one tuition includes $5.00 towards this karma program so students have given to the cause and they can select whatever bear calls to them from our stock for the exercise. Those wishing to take a bear home for private use of who feel a Reiki healing bear is just what someone close to them who needs, can make a separate donation and take a bear home. See the flyer below for more info.

Bears of Light

Reiki Service Project

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