The following is Course Descriptions of Reiki Levels. Students can take each level independently, enjoying time in between to practice and absorb the teachings before continuing on, or take them sequentially in an immersion format.

Reiki - Level 2 - Reiki Practitioner/ Healing others

Reiki - Levels 3A & B - Reiki Master/Mentor 

Reiki - Level 1 - Reiki for self healing

Level one Reiki training is usually offered as  a 5 -6 hour program that is the foundation for understanding what Reiki is and how it can be applied to enhance and support personal health. The session begins with an introduction to the energetic body and the healing potential of Reiki. We look at the role of intention and purpose in thoughts and karmic disposition. We next explore the history of Reiki and the founders. We learn the 5 precepts of Reiki and traditional Reiki meditation. A series of energy exercises help us to feel & understand energy better. Students will be attuned to level one Reiki. After the attunement, we progress through a series of Reiki exercises to practice, beginning with the Reiki Bear Project (injecting teddy bears with Reiki healing and light - these bears are later donated to children's hospitals and disadvantaged youth programs as a Karmic project reminding us of our role as healers and symbolizing how we must all share our light where it is needed). We move up to energy exchanges with plants and discuss Reiki for animals, and then we progress to self healing practices, touching lightly upon traditional Reiki share activity. This program covers Usui reiki systems, reviewing both defined hand positions and the intuitive method.

  • Introduction To Reiki
  • Reiki Principles
  • What is the Subtle Body
  • The five precepts of Reiki
  • Reiki Self-Treatment
  • Self Treatment hand placements
  • Reiki for pets, plants, and food
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • The power of intention
  • Hands-on Healing
  • History of Reiki
  • Reiki Bears of Light  Service project
  • Attunement

Reiki Level 2 training carries the foundation course (level 1) on to learn about sharing Reiki with others. This level prepares students to do Reiki treatments on people, places, animals and situations.  The course covers distance Reiki, how to send Reiki through time and space, and reviews many techniques for sending Reiki to those who are not physically accessible. Reiki two covers crystal healing and dowsing with pendulums. Students select a pendulum to keep and will practice with it in the course and they are given other items to take home to serve as totems or aids to a full reiki practice .  The laying on of crystals to enhance Reiki energy and chakra clearing is covered. Students receive level 2 attunement and learn and practice the symbols attached to this level. Participants leave prepared to work as a Reiki practitioner. 

  • Distance Healing
  • Reiki across time and space
  • Using Symbols and Mantras to Heal
  • Pendulum Dowsing/Transcendental dowsing
  • The science of energy/physics
  • Laying on of crystals and energy healing
  • 2nd degree symbols
  • Attunement

Level 3A & B Reiki is offered in two 6-8 hour days, the first day devoted to refining our Reiki techniques and studying new healing modalities, and the second day focused on how to teach Reiki to others and attune students to all levels of Reiki. After completing 3B training , a student is considered a Reiki Master, fully prepared to build a reiki community of their own and to pass on the wisdom through classes they sponsor. 

In  level 3A, we do a review of Reiki basics and techniques and the principals and symbols . We then are introduced to three more symbols and receive the Reiki Master attunement. A series of exercises  offers many life situations where Reiki can be applied, to refine our skill set and expand our awareness of choices where Reiki can be of service to others. 
Sound and Vibrational healing as well as crystal grids are reviewed, and students are invited to work with crystals and tuning forks to experiment with chakra clearing and aura smoothing along with their Reiki practice. 
Students in this level receive a silk scarf as their Reiki attunement totem, and they participate in a Reiki craft project to create Reiki stones that they will take home to serve as meditation inspiration, as well as a tool to learn the correct symbols for attunements and other reiki practice. 

  • Crystal grids
  • Advanced physiology of energy
  • Reading Auras
  • New concepts in Healing of others
  • Sound & vibrational healing
  • Learning to give attunements 
  • How to pass on Reiki to others.
  • Business of Reiki