Reiki Master/Energy Healer Program

Sequential trainings

Some people promote the concept that Reiki classes must be spread out over a period of months so practitioners can practice each level of Reiki, but we feel Reiki levels do not need to be compartmentalized and each lesson builds to a greater understanding of the subtle body and how we can affect it for health and happiness. For this reason, many students find it more inspirational, gain deeper understanding and need a more convenient unfolding by having the opportunity to take the levels within a shorter time frame so they can fit Reiki and Energy healing education into a busy life and process the information in a way that brings more clarity.

We offer our full Reiki Master and Energy Healing Program in a stacked format twice a year. To learn more about each level, please see the individual pages.

You can sign up for the full Reiki Master Program at the discounted rate of only $400.00. Chose a program with the sessions in a row (lodging at Heartwood available.) or choose whatever sessions fit into your life for convenience and so you can practice in between sessions. New program are being added all the time.

Reiki Mastery and Energy Healing Program - sequential trainings.

Pay for the full master program and take the sessions anytime within 3 years.

Next sequential trainingis as follows:  Level one: Thursday May 24, 1:00-6:00 Level 2, Friday May 25 1:00-6:00, Level 3 & 4 on Sat and Sunday.  May 26 & 27 1:00-6:30

Check each level's page to see a schedule of alternate offerings to spread out the sessions. 

Full Master Program - $400.00 if paid in full - price includes 4 trainings, snacks, syllabus, and materials