"We are in training to be instruments of compassion in the truest, deepest sense. In doing so we become instruments of  equanimity, instruments of joy, of presence, of love, and of availability.  At the same moment, we are absolutely quiet." -  Ram Dass

At Heartwood, we offer a variety of Reiki trainings as well as holistic workshops, retreats and Shamanic experiences.  This website covers our work specifically in Reiki and Shamanism but many of our retreats and workshops offer combined healing experiences that include these energy studies with art therapy, yoga, writing and more, so check out main website if you are interested enriching, healing retreat experiences beyond traditional trainings.

Many schools of thought believe that Reiki students should pace their training over a series of weeks or months so the students can practice and reflect and allow the affects of the attunement to settle.  Others offer Reiki online in a single evening course with no personal contact or hands on attunement. We do not presume to judge either system, however at the Florida Reiki Association, we feel Reiki is best received in a very personal and intimate way, making it possible for students to ask questions,   share experiences and enjoy the expansive facility, materials and library we make available. We have learned that when trainings are required to be spaced out, students often lose interest or fade away. One day day of Reiki education and practice does not always anchor a new practitioner in the practice, nor does it forge deeper understanding or create habits that will support an ongoing Reiki practice.    The material in this program builds from one level to the next, each level introducing a deeper look at the wisdom and power of Reiki, while also offering new insights and practices that make Reiki a more engaging experience to give and receive. For this reason, students are invited to the four training levels at whatever pace feels best, be it within a year or all in a single week. 

After completing our course, we invite our students to practice to enhance their relationship with energy healing. Reiki shares are available in our and many other communities to reinforce what you've learned, and to practice and feel more energetically awakened.  We also invite those who have taken the level 3B course to come back to help us attune other students and participate in teaching others, which provides an opportunity to practice and develop Reiki Master skills. 

The Florida Reiki Association teaches Usui Reiki - the original form of Reiki passed down for generations. This system of healing is traditionally taught in 4 levels: Reiki 1 where you learn self healing, Level 2 where you learn to be a Reiki practitioner to heal others as well as sending Reiki through time and space and healing animals, and 3A & 3B (Master level) where you refine techniques and learn to share Reiki with others and give attunements as a teacher. Students may take or or all 4 levels depending on how they choose to apply Reiki to their life and personal practice.

Our programs begin with the basics of energy healing and the subtle body, ending with an overview of complimentary healing modalities that are popular in the Reiki community. Our programs include not only the basics of traditional Reiki, but dowsing and crystal healing, sound and vibrational healing, meditations and more to make the Reiki experience more poignant and powerful for the practitioners and those they treat.

To learn about what we cover in each specific level, please visit the drop down menu above. You can sign up for each level as your time and schedule allows, paying as you go or commit to the full program for a discounted rate.

New courses are constantly being added and scheduled, so let us know if you are interested in an upcoming class and please feel free to make requests.