Shamanic Journeys

Heartwood  offers periodic Shamanic Journey which includes a ceremony and group meditation at our medicine wheel to prepare for connecting to nature and our spirit guides,  followed by a shamanic journey meditation in our yoga center (we do this inside  so weather and other distractions will not interfere with your experience).  You do not need any previous experience, and at each session a bit of time is devoted to helping people learn about the beauty and power of shamanic journeys for guidance & personal health and wellness. These nurturing meditations are a great, gentle introduction to the shamanic journey, perfect for beginners or anyone interested in exploring their relationship with nature, their ancestors, spirit guides or enhancing their own intuition and self knowing. 

What is a shamanic journey?

Somewhat like Yoga Nidra, a shamanic journey is a personal meditation experienced laying down comfortably with a drum or rattle rhythm to help guide you to deeper levels of awareness. Each month a different journey will guide participants to alternate planes of existence where communication with various spirit guides (animal spirits, ancestors, or other guides) help you gain understanding of your life and purpose We offer these journeys in a down-to-earth, easy to understand way, leading participants to the underworld, middle-earth and the upper world because each visualization has a different goal for gaining wisdom and self knowing. Shamanic journeys are relaxing, insightful, and help you feel centered in your personal spirituality. This meditation is deeply steeped in building respect for nature and the positive energies of the spirit world, to  rekindle our appreciation and love for the natural world while promoting energetic healing for the community, the individual and the earth.

Come comfortably dressed and you do not need to bring anything other than an open mind. 

Journeys are a donation based event and they are scheduled  periodically. Please follow our Facebook page or sign up for our e-mails to learn of upcoming events.The best way to stay current with our classes, retreats and events is to download our free Ap from the Apple Ap store - look for: Heartwood Retreat Center.

“The soul is infinite, made up of aspects that come and go all the time. It’s our nature for parts of the soul to travel while we meditate or dream. Through this process we grow, we learn new thoughts, thus desires, and our consciousness evolves.”
― S. Kelley Harrell